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During this conference, we wish to exchange information regarding radiation safety issues of Crookes tubes in junior high schools related with IAEA GSR Part 3 (Schedule I, para I.1.), RSG1.7 and para 2.34 to 2.38 of GSG7.

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Thank you for providing information at our booth in Dalia. We are realizing that the situation depends on the educational conditions in each member state.
In the case of Japan, the exemption level of X-ray equipment has not been implemented yet regarding  IAEA GSR Part 3 (Schedule I, para I.1.).

Please drop in at our booth in Dalia during a break and enjoy our video of spectrometry using a cloud chamber.
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Thank you for sharing at our booth. We have noticed that Crookes tubes are not popular for educating "electron"in junior high school or high school  in other member states.

We have also noticed that there are wonderful challenges of radiation education using the Collaborative Problem-Solving Model such as in Poland.


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